worship at Good News

Our worship service is at 9 am on Sunday at Good News Lutheran. Join us on Sundays as we grow in God's word. Sunday worship helps us put the past week behind us and look forward to the new week in the confidence and comfort of knowing we have a God who forgives, loves, and helps us. Come grow with us! 3281 N 1120 E Lehi UT.

During the pandemic we also began an online option. We have continued this option. Below are links and resources to be used in connection with online worship services. Online Sunday worship at 9:00 am and is available after. Please use the links to find our online worship option on YouTube and facebook.

  • Aug 14, 2022 Undivided Attention: Focused on the finish

    The only way to keep going is to know there is an end in mind. In the midst of difficulty and dissension, we persevere to the finish. For the victory is already won. 

    The worship service is available on YouTube and FACEBOOK

    View or download the order of service (bulletin) for the worship service: 08 14 2022 bulletin.pdf

  • August 7, 2022 UNDIVIDED ATTENTION: No Worries

    In a world filled with trouble and trial, our Savior tells us not to worry and to have no fear. Faith in a faithful God takes our God at his promises knowing he keeps them, always. 

    Online worship is available on YouTube. and facebook

    The order of service (bulletin) 08 07 2022 Bulletin.pdf


    There are two great extremes to avoid when it comes to finding meaning in this life. We are not to think our life consists in the abundance of our possessions or pleasures. Nor are to deem the passing nature of everything makes it all meaningless. Undivided Attention on a gracious God finds meaning even in the smallest of blessings. 

    The worship service is available  facebookor YouTube

    The order of service (bulletin)07_03_2021_Bulletin