worship in person and online

We are currently offering both in-person worship at Good News and an online worship option. Our worship service is at 9 am on Sunday at Good News Lutheran. For in-person worship, steps have been taken to provide a space and an environment that remains worshipful and also mindful of current conditions and government guidelines. Come grow with us!

Below are links and resources to be used in connection with online worship services. Sunday worship begins online at 9:00 am and is available after. Please use the links to find our online worship option on YouTube and facebook.

  • September 19, 2021 RESET: GREATNESS

    Jesus' words and works show a very different mindset on greatness. Instead of looking for greatness in the acknowledgement of others, Jesus points us to a different place. 

    Online worship is available on facebook  and YouTube

    Bulletin - 09_19_2021_bulletin.pdf

  • SEPT 12, 2021 RESET: WINNING

    On the third anniversary of our congregation, we need to reset our idea of what a win looks like. It is easy to get fixated on everything of this world. Jesus' forgiveness is the only thing and a meaningful win in this world. 

    Online worship available on YouTube and facebook.

    View or download the order of service (bulletin) to follow along at home: 09_12_2021_bulletin.pdf

  • Sept 5, 2021 RESET: Efficiency

    We live in a world of specialists. Perhaps we even see ourselves as really good at our specialty. But even then, always? Hear of the one who does everything well. 

    Online worship is available  on Facebook and YouTube

    The order of service (bulletin) 09_05_2021_bulletin.pdf