Worship Opportunities

God's people long and love to come together in worship and praise of our God.  In worship we hear what God has done for us.  We receive the healing and help we need to put the past week behind us and move ahead into the next week confident of God's forgiveness and comforted by his promises.  

The Good News Lutheran family comes together every Sunday at 9am. We would love to have you join us as we grow in God's word.  We are located at 3281 N 1120 E in Lehi, UT.  For those who are traveling, sick or unable to be with us in person, please make use of the resources listed below, and we pray you will be able to join us in person soon. 

June 9, 2024 Message

Fifty days after Jesus' resurrection, we celebrate a day known as Pentecost.  Just as Jesus promised, the Holy Spirit would come in powerful ways to help the disciples as they preached the Word to the world.  This day has meaning for you and me.  Even in settings that seem dead or lost, God brings forth life through his Word. 

This week's sermon is available on our YouTube channel here.

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